Found a monkey bed in the mountains!! – 山で猿の寝どころ見つけた!

Check it out! This was surprising, took me a bit to figure out what we were looking at. I was really dumb-founded at first. For some reason, I was thinking deer (lots of deer pellets in the mountains all around my house recently – that’s a new development, new to the past few years)…..but then I would think, “no way deer could construct such an intricate thing”…..

So, I was walking up the slope with a friend the other day, observing stuff and havin’ fun, and we stumbled on this. A concave depression created of similar size branches, some soft bark, no doubt, a bed. A monkey bed!! Really well made, i was blown away by the mental process this entailed….really blown away….made the point that monkeys are really not far, or should I say we haven’t gone all as far as we seem to feel we have come, away from the animal monkey state……was kind of mind-blowing.monkey bed

monkey nest

What was also kind of funny was the fact that this monkey bed was surprisingly close to our own house, and even to the space where we ,as a family , sleep. Because we sleep on the 2nd floor, and this nest was just up on the slope from our house, in reality, fifty meters or so, and sort of at the same elevated level. Really sort of made it hit home in a different way. Not only are the monkeys sort of like us, eerily similar, but they are even sleeping in the same area!! Kind of like it’s the quiet area where all we animals gather to sleep. Helps one feel like maybe they are a bit more “beastly” than we would like to imagine…….


Hahahaha!!! Crazy monkeys……I wonder if they are there tonight, in th rain. I’m sure this nest helps them to stay elevated just enuf off the ground to stay a bit warm. I can imagine them all huddled and sleeping en mass…..

















Went up there again with my sons to show them. Here’s a goofy monkey I caught in the nest……

goofy monkey DSCF5218


















Uh….adddy?…can I get out now?