the Difference

OK, here it is. I’ve found it. It’s the difference. The difference between Japan and the rest of the world… least the world that I came from…..the US. This is it. The difference. Distilled out. In it’s pure form…….

about Jr HS kids washing their desk and chair in the river

about Jr HS kids washing their desk and chair in the river

This is an article I cut from thje paper on january 20. (OK, a while ago…..). It portrays the 3rd year JrHS students of a local school dstrict taking thir desk and chair down to the river for a washing. These are the desk and chair which they themselves have used for three years, basically their homeroom desk. They are washing it and in doing so trying to show the desk their appreciation, their gratefulness. They are graduating this year, and so it’s a sort of  Thank you/goodbye thing……

Can you even imagine this in the states? Or anything similar? Somehow, I can’t………

Although I am sure there are plenty of good kids there, who would respond to this type of thing……..and see the point……not consider it an exercise in futility, nor think it old-fashioned………


2 Comments on “the Difference”

  1. Glennis says:

    it’s a mindset that we simply don’t have here. it has to begin early when they are young for it not to seem odd or out of place. this is a good example of this major difference. did you ever read “A Lateral View” by Donald Richie? Many of his essays dig deep into these differences. I was referred to his work by Eve.

    • asiadyer says:

      altho maybe it’s not bad to feel odd and out of place – gives us the chance to compare feelings – I think odd and out of place can teach us things
      Haven’t read much D Richie since the day when it was assigned reading in Univ….and couldn’t appreciate it then……I’ll keep it in mind! (used bookstore….)

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