Wouldn’t it figger…..

Tie-dye is random by nature, right? But I am Mr. Anal, trying to show that it CAN be controlled. Mr. Control Freak. I WILL make happen what I want!!

Today, i was cleaning up some old partially-dyed/abandoned peices and i ran across this pair of half-length Thai fisherman’s pants, which were dyed a mottled green with areas of white left in. The green was quite light, and I thought it looked like it could be altered with some bleach and made lighter, thereby facilitating over-dyeing. So, being the lazy dude i am, I turned on the washer, threw her in and sprinkled some “kitchen bleach” over it. turned it over and sprinkled more. I was expecting the bleach to disperse in the water and bleach this baby out a bit more all-around.

Well, this is what I got. I LOVE it!!! The bleach turned areas of green to a powder blue with white outlines. Like a psychedelic moon-rock!

And there’s the irony. I put a ton of effort and planning into each peice. This one wasn’t even supposed to be being dyed!! It was being prepared to dye, one step b4! And i get results that I love and probably couldn’t duplicate if I tried, total random success…..makes me wonder if I should stop all that planning and conceptualizing and just whing it like this everytime!! hahahahaha You never know…..