Indigo mandala tie-dye tee~~藍染めまんだら絞りTーシャーツ

Finished up this tee today. Indigo dyed, using the same solution as i used to dye the hankies in the last post. It’s a solution of lye, the finely powdered indigo, and lastly, sodium hydrosulfite. Stinky stuff, that hydro!

I use a solution of lye in water to dilute it for gradations.

this tee has been washed in warm water with detergent. It’s an organic cotton tee from SOS from Texas, natural color.

Dig it!!



このt−シャーツはもう洗剤を使って洗ってある。オルがニックコットン生成りSOS from Texas。


One Comment on “Indigo mandala tie-dye tee~~藍染めまんだら絞りTーシャーツ”

  1. shiborigirl says:

    nice color layering!

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