Greedy mandala, desire mandala….欲張りまんだら欲まんだら

Tried to make this 12 point out to 24 point mandala work. I had this super thin, super fine fabric which I had wanted to try for a while. Tied up a mandala yesterday and went for it. This is what I got. Kind of not what I had hoped for, a fail , in my eyes. Dye penetration sucks. Yeah, I ain’t gonna throw it away but….

First lesson: sometimes you push too hard and don’t get it exactly right.

One thing I found kinda ironic , though. The part which constitutes the fail, the areas of lighter color throughout the mandala, which radiate out from the center, actually look interesting , in a way, like light shining thru the mandala. Basically, the fail is the success….

Second lesson: same thing looked at from a different perspective looks very different, like a different object altogether.


new tube knits~~新しいチューブニット

Friend came to visit and brought me 4 new bundles of cotton tubeknit fabrics yesterday. He works inthe industry and frequently comes across discarded material…Four new cotton tubeknits!! How am I to be expected to concentrate??! Got an exhibition starting in five days….better concentrate…

友達が昨日来て新しい布四種類のチューブニット持って来てくれました〜〜〜!彼は布専門の仕事してよく捨てられる布を見つけれるらしい〜〜〜〜!四つの新しい生地〜! どうやって集中すればいいだろう!!あと五日間で展示会始まる。。。。集中しなくちゃ〜〜〜〜。。。。。

This is a test mandala on one of the fabrics–a really thick jersey-like knit, not much stretch….


Dyein’ stuff blue….イろいろ青く染める。。。。

Dyein’ stuff blue,

Seemed like the thing to do.

An old honeycomb, some bark, fiber from wood,

Heck, I’d dye you blue, too, if only I could….

Oh great, now how am I gonna translate THAT into Japanese….?!

Indigo mandala tie-dye tee~~藍染めまんだら絞りTーシャーツ

Finished up this tee today. Indigo dyed, using the same solution as i used to dye the hankies in the last post. It’s a solution of lye, the finely powdered indigo, and lastly, sodium hydrosulfite. Stinky stuff, that hydro!

I use a solution of lye in water to dilute it for gradations.

this tee has been washed in warm water with detergent. It’s an organic cotton tee from SOS from Texas, natural color.

Dig it!!



このt−シャーツはもう洗剤を使って洗ってある。オルがニックコットン生成りSOS from Texas。

indigo snow mandalas–藍染め雪まんだら

Indigo dyeing although it’s FREEZING outside! BRRRRRRR~~~~~~!