Warm day to dye—染めにぴったり合うあったかい日

OK, back after disaster.. I was frozen for a while, but I’m back in action.
It’s a warm day. Spring is on it’s way. the wind is blowing from the south today, which is the summer pattern.
This is my dye table, after a much too cold winter. Lots of cups, too many. Winter being cold, dye liquid keeps for long. So I just can’t throw things away, so after a few months, it’s gotten to this. I need to do socks or something else to get rid of it.
That’s a hemp tee with a mandala sticking out to th side there in process. It’s starting out super-yellow. The owner has instructed me to make it not so yellow.
今日はあったかく、春が来るぞっ! 風が南から吹いている;春一番!

Bubble Death–泡の死神

There he was, in some frozen airspace within the syringe, on that cold morning. Keepin’ me on my toes…



Bamboo socks with green tea and onion skin-緑茶玉ねぎ染めの明晩染めの竹靴下

Dyed up a bunch of bamboo (94%/spandex 6%) sock with green tea/iron mordant and onion skins/alum.

First shot after laundering, next I’ve put like with like. I’ll add a better photo eventually.