Workin’ on a big mandala tapestry–大きいまんだらを染めている。

Tied it and applied dye today, I will wash it tomorrow (tied) and see if I need to add dye anywhere…

今日は絞って、染料を付けました。明日は洗って(絞ったまま)染料を増やす必要あるかどうか 確かめて。。。

Now it’s tomorrow. I washed it (tied), resoaked in soda ash and redyed it. There it sits on my table, “reacting”.


Actually, Ive already opened it and washed it, but I’ve yet to get a photo. I was psyched about how it came out. I’ll post it tomorrow…



3 Comments on “Workin’ on a big mandala tapestry–大きいまんだらを染めている。”

  1. hannah says:

    oh my this is the most beautiful tie-dyed mandala i’ve seen! could i special request another like this on your etsy page?

    • asiadyer says:

      You could, and i would be more than happy to oblige. But this is probably one of my most labor-intensive processes; it involves folding, binding and dyeing twice. I undo and wash out the first dye and then redye, and it’s a pain to get it right. This is also probably one of my more favorite peices, this one is still unsold, nobody has ever asked… But to be honest, the price would be close to or even over a 1000 dollars. And then I would even be slightly unhappy t see it go….If you are interested, let me know…. : )
      Thank you!!

  2. Erin says:

    It looks Beautiful!! So much nicer than all the other ones I see online. Very nice work.

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