A new girlfriend.新しい彼女。

Yesterday, coming back from Gifu, I was stopped at a red light and I looked to my side and there was a little dilapidated “recycle shop” (with a hand-written cardboard sign). So, feeling it was some sort of providence, I pulled over and went in. Inside were piles and piles of old clothes and a rancid smell emmanating from some produce by the door that was being “resold”(It looked as if the owner had gotten this and that, strawberries etc, from some other shop and was trying to resell it as their own place but it was going bad in the process…). The smell turned me around and I got back in my car and ready to leave when I noticed her standing wistfully in a corner.

So, I got back out of my car and went back in and called out for the owner. Out of the back room came a crusty old guy and I offered him 1000 yen for his mannequin, which he accepted. Although, he asked me ,”You’re gonna take it all, right?”

What’d he think I was gonna leave the head or something…?



それで車からまた降りて、店に入って主人を呼びました。後ろの部屋からちょっと枯れぎみのおじいちゃんが出て来て、1000 yen で売ってちょうだいてお願いしたら、そうしてくれました。ただ、「ぜんぶ持って行くでしょ?!」と訊いた。



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